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ProjectsProfiler has come into world!

We are releasing our first creation – the ProjectsProfiler. Among the creators there are people with a longstanding software development team management experience. We had used both project development software (such as MS Project) and issue tracking systems (Jira, Basecamp, Trac). All these software overloaded our “Big Boss” with too many details while methodical recommendations had often required changing our development process in order to use these products. All these things were concealed with the words on how "the new processes plus new software will help us much better (should we know what this "better" means :)) to develop our software. But our experience told us (or better say shouted) that it’s a matter of people not the process. If everything works – what’s the reason to change anything? That’s how the idea of the ProjectsProfiler was born – let PMs manage their projects whatever they like and in the software  they used to. While I, their manager, want to see the overall picture and bottlenecks, problems (that’s where the word “profiler” is from). To make it you just need to summarize the data coming from PMs and when the problems are discovered I will think how to get out of a difficulty. There a not so many options actually. You either need to add employees somewhere (and take out of somewhere accordingly) or to decrease amount of work. And it would be good to see what will happen out of it. In general our software is designed for informational support of day-to-day management of a project portfolio