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Microsoft Project alternative: ProjectsProfiler vs. Microsoft Project Server

Microsoft Project Server is a very powerful tool. It is rich in functions, flexible, and scalable. It can be adjusted to the requirements of a very wide group of users. However, such power and universality have an unpleasant drawback: installing the software is a difficult process even for experienced IT-professionals. In addition its usage is not very straightforward. Our target users are generally occupied with uncomplicated tasks. To execute such tasks one does not need the gorgeous set of Microsoft Project Server functions. The processes we address are routine, and should be completed quickly and with minimal difficulty. Is it really possible to do something simple in Microsoft Project Server without a headache?


Our customers are very busy people, often responsible for numerous projects which are executed simultaneously. They require issues to be resolved simply, quickly, and with ease. This is why our software is a genuine Microsoft project alternative (and Microsoft Project Server as well), because it deals with everyday routine issues more quickly and comfortably than these Microsoft products do.