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Managing Multiple Projects (1/4): Experience in Automation of Managing a Pool of Simultaneously Implemented Projects

Quality managing multiple projects implies an approach which differs fundamentally from the technique of managing a single project. Dealing with multiple projects, we necessarily face a number of tasks which are insignificant or have no sense for a single project situation.

The present article provides a quick insight into the range of issues of managing multiple projects and introduces a series of articles.

Critical Remarks on Present-Day Project Management Systems

While writing the article on application of MS Project for project management, I was haunted by the feeling of writing something wrong. “It can’t be true”, I thought, “that such simple things are done in such a complicated way within the program being one of the most popular tools for project management”. I checked myself, evaluated relevance of my needs and studied other programming solutions. One way or another, I came to the following distressing conclusion: as a project manager, I have certain needs which are either forgotten or deliberately neglected by the developers.