Workload diagrams ("Ribbons")

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The diagram shows overload (underrun) of employees in the jobs of the object selected in the navigation panel.


"Ribbons" are displayed for all objects of the navigation panel except for hidden objects.

A. The "ribbons" color shows the ratio of the object's workload to the maximum load of the employees linked with this object:

grey — ratio close to one (normal workload);
red — ratio more than one (overload);
blue — ratio less than one (underrun).

While the mouse is over any part of the "ribbon" the clarifying information appears in the tooltip.


"Ribbons" can be interpreted differently for different objects:

for employees (in the first level of the navigation panel) "ribbon" color shows overload (underrun) of the employee in total;
for the employee in project (Projects, Employees mode) and a project in the second level (Employees, Projects mode) "ribbon" color shows the ratio of the employee's workload in this project to the employee's capabilities, in other words shows the workload of the employee in the specific project;


The figure (А) shows the workload of the employee participating in two projects. Though every single project doesn't overload the employee (two lower "ribbons") in total there are periods of time when the person is overloaded (red parts of the upper "ribbon").

for a project at the first level as well as for a job and a milestone the color of the "ribbon" shows the ratio of the workload in project (job, milestone) to the team capabilities. As at the same time the employees can be involved in other projects (jobs) the ribbons do not show the underrun periods;
for a skill the color of the "ribbon" shows the overall workload of the employees with this skill. If the color is red then the employees with this skill have too much work. If it is blue - too little.