Progress diagrams ("Hotdogs")

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The diagram shows whether the jobs which correspond to the selected object in the navigation panel are overdue or in time.


"Hotdogs" are displayed for all objects in the navigation panel. The length of a "hotdog" corresponds to the period of time in which there are some efforts for the selected object (project, employee, milestone, job, skill).

While the mouse is over any "hotdog" the tooltip shows the clarifying information.

А. "Hotdogs" for hidden objects are shown transparently.


Grey line on the "hotdogs"

A grey line in the "hotdog" shows the work progress - a ratio between the volume of the job done to the volume that must be done until the report date.

B. If the grey line doesn't reach the report date then the job is done behind the schedule (the job is done less than must have been done by the report date).

The period from the end of the grey line till the report date is shown with red.


Report date - the 25th of May, while the grey line ends on the 15th of May. It means that by the 25th of May the volume of the job done corresponds to the volume that was planned to be done by the 15th of May. Thus, the date when the grey line ends shows which planned date the report date corresponds to.


C. If the grey line exceeds the report date then the job is done in advance of the plan (more job is done than it must have been done by the report date).


Thickness of "hotdogs"

For projects, jobs, milestones (in the Projects, Jobs and Projects, Milestones modes) bigger job volumes are shown with thicker "hotdogs".