Getting started with ProjectsProfiler

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Data sources

ProjectsProfiler is a tool to analyze information about your project and non-project activities.

Project information is displayed as project plans (for example, resources distribution/assignment, project progress tracking, etc.) and can be downloaded from two types of project management systems:

systems of calendar planning where exact dates and job volumes are set (in these systems you can estimate workload both in man-hours and in tasks) — such as Microsoft Project (2003, 2007, 2010) and Microsoft Project Server (2007, 2010);
"tracking" systems where exact dates and job volumes are not necessary to be set (in this case in ProjectsProfiler workload will be measured in tasks) —  e.g. JIRA (versions 3 and 4) and Basecamp.

Project data can also be entered in ProjectsProfiler manually.

As there is always some activity which cannot be associated with one or more existing projects (e.g. infrastructure organization activities, staff education etc.), ProjectsProfiler allows manual input of the information on such activity.

Key features

ProjectsProfiler allows to have an overview of work progress both in project and non-project activities:

visually shows information on man-hours distribution, work progress rate, employee workload;
automatically identifies problems such as work delays, overload (underload) of employees, lack of assigned responsible person and more;
provides modelling tools which allow to estimate how addition of new projects or changing work volume or changing milestone dates would impact on planned activities.

Basic scenario of using ProjectsProfiler

1.Before starting please check ProjectsProfiler options by clicking Options button on the toolbar. Change default workload calculation mode, if necessary, and set up your working calendar.
2.Import project portfolio from the external system. For data completeness complement the following data manually:
projects that you don't want to import;
non-project activities.
3.Review your projects. The most common tasks are described in the "Main scenarios" topic.
4.Discuss the revealed problems with staff who is responsible for working process (project managers).
5.After you have solved the revealed problems and corrected the plans in the external system refresh project data in ProjectsProfiler for further study.