Employee performance

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People even having similar qualification can do different volume of work within the same period of time. ProjectsProfiler allows to take it into account while analyzing planned activity.

Average employee performance — a numerical evaluation of the job volume which an employee can do within a given period of time. Average employee performance is calculated as a product of average performance of a team member and the efficiency coefficient of this employee.

Average performance equals to the value specified during the setup in the Options window:

average efforts per day (when counting efforts in hours);
a value inverse to the number of working days spent on one task (when counting efforts in tasks).

Efficiency coefficient can be set manually by ProjectsProfiler user in employee's properties window.


Taking into account employee efficiency when importing projects

If the project plan in the external system is made regarding individual efficiency of the employees rather than with reference (average) efforts, it is recommended to perform import with employees efficiency. In this case in ProjectsProfiler the imported values will be automatically corrected by taking into account specific employee efficiency.


If the planned efforts for a specific employee in the external system equal to 5 tasks, while the efficiency coefficient is equal to 1.2, then in the application the planned efforts of the corresponding activity will be equal to 6 tasks. The same is true when efforts are counted in hours: if the planned efforts are equal to 100 hours while efficiency coefficient of the assigned employee is 0.8 then in ProjectsProfiler the planned efforts for the corresponding activity will be equal to 80 hours.

Thus, while importing projects with employees efficiency the planned activity efforts in ProjectsProfiler will be normalized to average that will make analysis trustworthy if you want to vary the employees assignment to the jobs.


Taking into account employees efficiency in diagrams and while counting workload

In the diagrams employees efficiency is always taken into account, particularly:

when calculating the level of the green line in efforts diagrams ("Layer cake");
when calculating workload  (workload — a ratio between the required amount of work and available amount of resources) in workload diagrams ("Ribbons").

Employees efficiency coefficient is also considered while calculating workload for the nearest few days - this you may see as the workload indicators on the navigation panel.