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A job is a group of tasks linked to a single milestone which form the continuous activity requiring specialists of the same skill.


A job in ProjectsProfiler can either be linked with the project activities - in this case it is linked to a certain project milestone, or be linked with non-project activities - in this case it is not linked to any milestone in any project.

A job is described by its volume (efforts units depend on ProjectsProfiler settings, and can be changed in Options window), its end and start dates. When importing tasks with no employees assigned from Microsoft Project tasks have zero efforts. Efforts can be changed in ProjectsProfiler edit mode, however during the next project import efforts will be set back to zero. That's why it is recommended to assign the task employees directly in the project plan.

ProjectsProfiler automatically breaks down imported task information into jobs. The information about milestones is imported from the project plan while assignment of skills to the employees is made by ProjectsProfiler user manually in the employee properties panel.