Assign employee to a job

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To assign employee to a job:

1.Choose Projects, Jobs mode in the navigation panel.
2.Select a job you would like to work with in the navigation panel.
3.Click Change in the properties panel. As the result ProjectsProfiler will be switched into Edit mode. Learn more...
4.Assign employees to the job by clicking Add in the properties panel.
1.Assign employees to the job. To do it click Add on the properties panel. The Assign employees for a job window will open. The window shows the list of employees. Employees with the required skill sorted ascending by their workload in the supposed period of time will be on the top of the list:
click Assign in front of employees you would like to assign to the job;
at the right-hand part of the window you can change the period of assignment and planned workload of the employees in this job;
if you would like to cancel employee's assignment click DelBtn;
click OK in the Assign employees for a job window.
2.To save changes you can just continue working with ProjectsProfiler. To abort changes click Back button on the toolbar.
3.Exit the edit mode by clicking the Edit mode button on the toolbar.