Import projects portfolio from an external system

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To import projects portfolio from an external system:

1.Click the Import button on the toolbar.
2.If you do it for the first time you will need to specify the data source information in the Project Import window that will appear.
3.If you did it previously then in the Projects Import window you will see the information about the data source you specified earlier while at the lower part of the window you will see the list of projects. To show the up-to-date list of projects found by ProjectsProfiler in the specified source click Refresh the list.  
4.If the project plan in the external system is made regarding individual efficiency of the employees rather than with reference (average) efforts, it is recommended to perform import with employees efficiency. To do it check the Take employee efficiency into account at efforts import box. Learn more...
5.Click Import button. It will import (or update) the information on the projects chosen in the Projects Import window. At the bottom  part of the window a specific icon will appear (LoadBtn — if the import is successful, LoadBtnFail — if there are some errors). Clicking the icon will show you the import log. Every imported project keeps the information about its source. This information is available for view or editing in the project property window.
6.ProjectsProfiler automatically breaks down the imported task information into jobs  (job - a group of tasks linked to a single milestone which form the continuous activity requiring specialists of the same skill). The milestone data is taken from the imported plan. To allow ProjectsProfiler extracting jobs with regard to employee skills, assign the skills to the employees manually. It can be done in the projects (employees) properties panel or in the context menu.
7.It can happen that the same person is shown differently in the external system. During the project import ProjectsProfiler automatically checks the employee data match (e.g. telephone number, e-mail address etc.). Moreover, responsible employees for some jobs might have been assigned not by their names, but by their roles (like "analyst", "developer 1" etc.). To make sure that the analysis of imported data is be correct merge or split the employees records where necessary. It can be done by the context menu. Learn more...
8.Switch the projects or employees into inactive if you don't need them to be taken into account during analysis. It can be done in the project (employee) property window or with the context menu. Learn more...
9.For the purpose of data completeness specify the following information:
information about non-imported projects;
information about non-project activities.