Refresh information

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When importing project information every project keeps the information about its source and your choice whether to take the employees' efficiency into consideration or not .

On the Refresh button there is an indication of time passed since the last data refresh. Using this button you can refresh the information on all active projects which store the information about their source.  (this information is available for view and edit in the project properties dialog)

To refresh the projects data in the program:

1.Press the Refresh button on the toolbar. It will result in refreshing the information about your active projects. At the bottom part of the application window a specific icon will appear (LoadBtn — if the import is successful, LoadBtnFail — if there are some errors). Clicking the icon will show you the import log.
6.For the purpose of data completeness specify the following information:
information about non-imported projects;
information about non-project activities.
6.Switch the projects or employees into inactive if you don't need them to be taken into account during analysis. It can be done in the project (employee) property window or with the context menu. Learn more...