Count for non-project activity

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To count for non-project activities:

1.Choose Project, Employees mode or Projects, Jobs mode on the navigation panel.
2. In the list of objects on the navigation panel choose "Non-project activities".
3. Add non-project jobs (see below).
4. If ProjectsProfiler was in the edit mode, change the mode by pressing the corresponding button Edit mode on the toolbar. Learn more...
5. Study problems with a certain job;
6. Study problems with employees.

You can assign the responsible employee for a job both while creating a certain job and later.

To add a new job to the non-project activities and assign the responsible employees:

1.In the context menu of the non-project activities choose Add a job (or choose Add new job on the properties panel). As the result, if ProjectsProfiler was not in the edit mode, it will switch to it. Learn more...
2.Specify the main skill of the responsible employee.
3.The job will be named automatically after the principal skill. If necessary, change the title of the job. To do this, click the line with the job title and rename the title for the job.
4.Specify other parameters for the job: period, duration, volume planned, percentage of the job already done to the job to be completed.
5.Assign the responsible staff. To do this on the properties panel choose the command Add.  As the result Assign employees for a job window will appear. Hear you will see a list of the employees. At the top the employees with the required skill are displayed. The names are ranged on the basis of the increase of the workload during the period of the job (within the dates set for the selected job):
to assign an employee choose the Assign command which is next to the name of the employee;
at the right-hand part of the window set the period of the occupancy of the chosen employee and the hours you plan for the employee to participate in the job;
to cancel the assignment press the button DelBtn;
press the ОК button at the Assign employees for a job window.
6.To save the changes just continue working with ProjectsProfiler. Not to save changes -  press the Back button on the toolbar.