ProjectsProfiler for program manager


The target users of our application are program managers. Unfortunately in technical literature this word combination is overloaded with different meanings:

  • The traditional definition of a program (or a programme) is a group of interrelated projects which have common goals. In these cases, a program manager is one who ensures overall management support for the projects and non-project activity.
  • Alternatively, many software companies (Microsoft is a prime example) consider a program manager as a technical leader who digests software requirements and makes up new feature lists and high level designs.
  • In addition, many companies use the term as a catch-all for general project managers, product managers (mainly in their marketing role), and/or employees who have ongoing operational roles like infrastructure deployment or network operations.


Our application is useful to those managers who are responsible for program management; i.e., those who govern projects managers. Our users oversee projects within programs to ensure everything and everybody move together toward meeting program goals. In addition, program managers make decisions that cannot be taken at the project management level.


An important part of the duties of program managers is to coordinate the allocation of resources, managing relationships between projects, consolidated costs, and risks. Program management is hierarchically above the level of project management and focuses on those projects that ensure optimal achievement of program goals.


Program managers should not micro-manage, but should leave project management to the project managers. This is why our software for program managers is designed to provide information for efficient decision-making without unnecessary details, yet it takes into account data accumulated in project management systems already used by project managers.


In summary, our software for program managers: