What does ProjectsProfiler give to you




Approaches your projects as a single portfolio


ProjectsProfiler allows you to combine multiple projects into one project portfolio. As a result you obtain an integrated view of what is happening with all projects and all resources, not limited to single project boundaries. This approach reveals problems which occur when two different projects intersect, or when two projects “fight for resources”.





Incorporates existing software & previous experience


Unlike other software systems which deal with projects information, ProjectsProfiler does not require migrating your project data into its own format. It is not necessary to change anything at all in your project management infrastructure. All the skills and knowledge that you have acquired working with MS Project, JIRA, Basecamp or any other project management system will be relevant and intact after you implement ProjectsProfiler. It does not change the existing systems; it uses the data accumulated within them.


You only need to tell ProjectsProfiler where you information is stored once! Here is an example for Trac:


or Microsoft Project:


After the initial set-up ProjectsProfiler will do everything automatically.


All you need to do at the beginning of each day is to click one button to instruct ProjectsProfiler to refresh its data from the external systems:


Now your “world map” is up to date!





Key data in clear visuals


All your important information is in front of you!

Projects and employees' status indicators, a list of problems identified, diagrams showing progress dynamics, labor utilization, employees’ workload – everything is just a mouse click away. To obtain more information on any object on the screen, simply place your cursor over it:





Identifies problems in projects


ProjectsProfiler analyzes information imported from external project management systems and exposes potential problems. The most valuable result is that the cross-project problems are revealed. These problems are usually beyond the scope of individual project managers and are usually not addressed by them.


All problems are summarized in unified lists: for the entire project portfolio, for a particular project, for an employee, etc. Every list is shown only in the context of the entity (employee, project, skill, milestone), in which you are currently working.


Nothing irrelevant and nothing lost.