Using ProjectsProfiler in Project Management Office (PMO)


What is Project Management Office (PMO)?

There are many companies in the world which run any number of projects simultaneously. It is difficult to manage these multiple projects. Competition for human resources is stiff because the employees are involved several projects at the same time, which can lead to work overload. This often happens when every single project is progressing well, and problems can be identified only with examination of the entire set of projects. To identify and overcome these problems requires staff, techniques and tools. Project Management Office is one way to solve these problems.


There are two basic models of PMOs.


1. PMO is not directly responsible for project management in the company. It collects information, and provides project managers in business units with training,       guidance and best practices.

2. PMO is responsible for projects in the organization. In other words PMO functions as a unit or department of work of projects and program managers. In addition to the above-listed functions PMO defines the content of every project, allocates human resources, supervises a schedule and a budget and participates in assembling portfolio.


PMO tasks

Duties of the Project Management Office depend on both the chosen model and requirements of the company in which it operates. We can identify the most common tasks.


  1. Teaching employees the techniques of project management adopted by the company.
  2. Developing, deploying, and monitoring methodologies, practices and standards of project management which are adapted to the objectives of the company.
  3. Deploying and supporting project management and other software which are necessary to manage projects.
  4. Accumulating and storing information on completed projects in order to use this data to improve management of the company.
  5. Project portfolio management.
  6. Resource management for all projects administered by the PMO.
  7. Communications Management.


ProjectsProfiler in PMO

It does not matter whether a PMO analyzes project information in order to present their conclusions to decision makers or decisions are taken within a Project Management Office. In both cases you need tools for this analysis. Let us consider how to use ProjectsProfiler to solve problems for management decision-making.


Selection of employees for new jobs by PMO

When you are going to start a new project, the project team must be selected. To do so you identify which of your employees will be free at that time. Let’s see how this can be done in ProjectsProfiler.


Selection of employees by PMO


Suppose that we want to launch a new project at the beginning of July. We need a couple of developers and, of course, a manager. Judging by the plans, the developers may complete their work by the end of June. Note that Alex falls behind schedule (red line in front of the name in the figure) and ProjectsProfiler predicts that he will complete everything only in early August (the data in a green oval on the right side of the figure). For the same reasons Jason cannot be a manager (also red line); however, Liz (she is free as seen on the picture) and Charles will just be available by the required date.


How does PMO monitor projects statuses?

One of the subtasks of project portfolio management is the monitoring of conditions.



In this picture we see that the project "New Age" is slightly ahead of schedule (gray line next to the name goes a little beyond the vertical purple line that indicates "today").



But “Customer Support” is behind schedule and its predicted deadline is 7/20/2011, a month later than planned (the data in a green oval to the right side of the figure).


Deployment of software for PMO

It is important to remember that the more PMO frees managers from data preparation, the more time employees can devote to carrying out their duties. Of course you can deploy large software programs supporting all imaginable nuances of project management (i.e. Microsoft Project Server); however, you will spend much time and use valuable resources for its purchase and deployment. ProjectsProfiler collects data from project management systems which have already been deployed, and allows you to immediately use it for analysis and making decisions.