What is ProjectsProfiler


Software for Director of Project Managers

ProjectsProfiler is a desktop application that provides analytical tools to anyone that is responsible for several dynamically changing projects which share team members. We will call this person The Senior Project Manager or SPM. SPM must regularly evaluate all of the relevant data from all of their Project Managers if he wants to have an accurate picture of exactly how projects are progressing. NB: A Program Manager is a good example of such a person.

ProjectsProfiler was developed to enable Senior Project Manager to solve everyday tasks with minimal aggravation.


Key features

  • Highlights key problems for Senior Project Manager's attention.
    • Provides key visual information for efficient decision-making at management level; the screen is not crowded with unnecessary details.
    • Does not require a complicated migration from Microsoft Project, JIRA, Basecamp or any other project management system that may be already in use.
    • ProjectsProfiler automatically extracts all the information it requires from the existing project management software to perform an analysis.
    • ProjectsProfiler allows the keying in of data that is not available from the existing project management systems. E.g. unplanned participation of staff in other projects, non-project activities, etc.

ProjectsProfiler simplifies management’s daily routine

It allows you:

  • To quickly determine if new projects are feasible: Do your resources allow you to succeed.
  • To obtain a comprehensive picture of all your current projects status and also non-project activity.
  • To know who is doing what all of the time.
  • To quickly prepare a complete visual status reports for senior management with accurate information available for answering those unexpected questions.
  • To quickly gather and analyse the list of outstanding problems and issues for all current projects.
  • To easily create test solutions for problems with a modelling tool that allows you to simulate various scenarios.

Authors of ProjectsProfiler

Developed by people who practice for people in practice

ProjectsProfiler’s creators have used their vast experience in software development and project deployment to create automated tools which make their own work easier. All data is worked over, summarized, unscrambled, and reorganized in ProjectsProfiler.