What is ProjectsProfiler


ProjectsProfiler was created for professionals who control multiple dynamically changing projects with a single team at the same time. These projects are called a project portfolio or a project pool. A user of ProjectsProfiler, being in fact a Manager of Project Managers, could be called The Senior Project Manager. Program manager or employee of PMO are a good example.


So what do a Managers want and how can ProjectsProfiler help them?


Managers want to assure the success of all the projects they are responsible for.

  • A manager cannot just count on a few particular project managers to achieve the success of the whole team. An individual project manager is only responsible for their own projects success; thus it is not uncommon for them to obtain all the resources and information they require at the expense of other projects or project managers. In order to keep control over the situation and distribute resources optimally the Manager must have an up-to-date picture of all projects.


Managers don’t want to spend thier precious time on routine.

This means that:

  • An up-to-date picture of what’s going on with a list of unsolved problems must be available for them, both accurately and quickly. One mouse click is all that is needed to obtain this information in ProjectsProfiler so there is no need to “deep-dive” into Microsoft Project Gantt charts of particular projects or to study incident lists in Jira; Projects Profiler does this for you!
  • Managers only want to see the problems their project managers are experiencing and only these problems should be presented to them. The picture should not be clouded with the routine details of each particular project
  • The analysis tools that allow the user to find solutions to problems must be readily at hand.


ProjectsProfiler allows you to obtain all this information and much more.


Below are some examples of how ProjectsProfiler can transform complicated situations into much simpler solutions.

A) Project portfolio manager of an IT-company

John is the Head of Development. His company develops a “turnkey” software product based on some core technology. John manages a team of 30 people and currently has 15 simultaneous projects running. Three involve development and maintenance of the core technology and 12 are projects for external customers. John’s team has 18 programmers, 2 analysts and 10 project managers. John doesn’t have any testers or technical writers and he is obliged to negotiate for these skill sets with another department. He must therefore take this into an account when planning.

Using ProjectsProfiler John is able to do the following instantly:

  • Obtain status of all his projects.
  • Get a list of problems which require his involvement together with the information to solve the issues.
  • Get materials, both illustrative and visual to work out the answers to his concerns about the work progress
  • Answer the questions like “what are your people occupied with?”, “How are you going to meet the terms of this or that project?”, “Can we take one more project?” and so on
  • See to what extent and for what periods specialists from other departments are involved in his projects (i.e. testers and technical writers).


B) CIO of a Production Company
Liz is the IT Manager and has 10 people in her team: 5 programmers, 1 leading programmer, 3 system administrators and 1 hardware engineer. Liz currently has 5 projects running simultaneously: A deployment of an electronic document flow system; A migration to new accounting software; The creation of a single knowledge base of referenced data; A network infrastructure replacement and an ERP modification.

With ProjectsProfiler Liz is able to the following at any moment:

  • Get a status review of all her projects considering different force-majeure and non-project routine activities;
  • Get the list of problems requiring actions from her part and information to solve the problems;
  • Report on the progress of her projects and have all the relevant information to hand should any individual project be queried by her superiors.


C) Project Manager

AAlex is the project manager of a single project. His project team currently consists of 3 developers. Alex has planned to use 1 technical writer and 1 tester from other departments. The planning is made in Microsoft Project. Alex’s experience tells him to hire more people for his project team. Moreover there is a possibility to exchange one developer for a more advanced one. With ProjectsProfiler Alex can:

  • Get a forecast of the project’s timeframe and man hours needed by simulating the project with differing staff levels and skill sets.
  • Foresee having to move the project completion date if he doesn’t get the correct staff levels and skill sets.
  • Present these findings with illustrations and comprehensive facts in order to request the appropriate resource for his team.