Why ProjectsProfiler


The main purpose of ProjectsProfiler is to give the Manager ready-for-analysis information about the current status of a set of projects and the tools to analyze them.


What makes ProjectsProfiler so good at analysing multiple projects? Why not use the similar functions embedded in your existing project management systems?

In 1956 George Miller, a Harvard university expert in cognitive psychology discovered that the human brain can only hold, in its memory, a limited number of objects. Only seven, (plus or minus 2), separate bits of information can be held before we lose the ability to comprehend. So to work efficiently on management decisions you need to have data for analysis in a very visible and comprehensible form avoiding unnecessary manipulations with your keyboard and mouse.


ProjectsProfiler was developed specifically to provide the Manager with all the necessary information, ready-for-analysis, with minimal effort to obtain it.


These requirements have been met in the following ProjectsProfiler features:


  1. ProjectsProfiler provides the Manager with both a visual overview and current status of the portfolio of projects. This ensures all the necessary indicators, diagrams, lists and descriptions of problems are easily visible and accessible giving a complete analysis of the current projects.
  2. The Manager can start data analysis right after the launch of the software without spending time on collecting information. If the project data is not up-to-date the Manager needs only to press the “Refresh” button.
  3. Working with ProjectsProfiler doesn’t require changing anything within the existing process of project management and its tools. The software accesses data which is stored in the project management systems already in use by the company).

Most software for project management, (e.g. Microsoft Project), and some software for incident management, (such as Jira), do have analysis tools built into them. However, these tools are only good for separate, individual projects not for a projects portfolio. The model of project management in these systems is designed to give the user the data related to a certain project, (to record data of the Gantt diagrams, resources, resource usage, schedules, rates, etc.). The tools designed to get an “overall information product” for a set of projects are not very practical. This is where ProjectsProfiler is an ideal MS Project alternative.


Here are some annoying things about project management systems that we tried to avoid in ProjectsProfiler:

  • “Overall information product” for the Manager: Being presented in the form of dry and non-visible reports, amounting to dozens of pages if you have many projects).
  • Unorganised graphical elements: Charts and diagrams that might seem to provide visibility but don’t as they are cumbersome, small-scaled, not very explicit, exceed screen borders and so on.
  • The need to look over many menu items and program dialogs, sometimes in several different programs, in order to collect the necessary information to run your reports.
  • Wasting time: Collecting information about different projects is time-consuming, especially when you have many projects.