How to start working with ProjectsProfiler?

To start working with ProjectsProfiler you need to download a trial version from our website and start using it. If you are satisfied with our software you can buy the activation code for the licenses you need. You can pay for the activation code with a credit or debit card or via your PayPal account.


Why should I pay money if the software that I downloaded from the site is working well?

The downloaded version is a trial one. You can use it free of charge for 30 days in order to evaluate it. The trial version will stop working after 30 days from the first launch unless you buy an activation code. When buying an activation code you should indicate the number of licenses you need.


30 days is a very short period to assess the software!

We are able to extend the trial for you. If you need to extend the trail period please email us at We evaluate the reasons for extending the trial on a case by case basis and will let you know our decision ASAP.


I’ve paid for the licence(s). When can I start working?

You can start working with ProjectsProfiler any time whether you have paid for the license or not. Please download athe ProjectsProfiler trial version and start benefitting from a more organised work flow in moments We will generate an activation code and send it to you after your payment has been authorised. Your activation code will be generated for the number of licenses chosen by you and will be sent to the address that you indicated while ordering. After you receive the activation code, please enter it in the corresponding field of the activation dialog which you may open by pressing the “Activation” button on the ProjectsProfiler toolbar.


I’ve paid for the license(s) but haven’t received the activation code. What should I do?

Normally the email containing the activation code is sent to you within a couple of minutes of your payment being authorised. If you haven’t received the activation email within 12 hours of your payment please send confirmation of your payment to and we will re-send the email containing your activation code to you.


Where can I buy a CD with the ProjectsProfiler Software?

At present ProjectsProfiler is distributed electronically only. You can download ProjectsProfiler from our website.